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Episode 1: Tell That to Peter Fonda

Welcome to the Borderline, Ohio podcast! This episode introduces the podcast and plunges you right into the raw audio that forms the basis for the series.

Episode 3: That Woman (plus Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)

A screaming lecture a la Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? And why did we continue to take it? Why were we silent?

Episode 4: You are Going to Be Judged (plus punk & Billy Graham)

An audio clip from a 2009 phone call that shakes the writer's sense of who he is. Plus punk, Billy Graham, and a whispered condemnation.

Episode 5: You Don't Owe Me One F-ing Penny if it Goes Big

How, as a writer, I kept trying to create in the blast furnace of my Mom's attacks on my work.

Episode 6: The Archangel of Punk

Was I the archangel of punk? According to my mom I was, and there was hell to pay. The full audio of my mother appears from 5:05-5:45.

Episode 7: I Am Clint Eastwood

Was the Clint Eastwood reference threat of violence real?

Episode 8: Beyond Interpretation: Julia Kristeva as Balm

At a time when no other framework for understanding my mother makes sense, the philosopher Julia Kristeva steps in to help.